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Ships' News: Monday, May 6, 2013

>> May 6, 2013

Greetings, fellow sailors (armchair or otherwise):

Here's a follow-up on my Friday message. Harvey Gamage never made it into Beaufort to enjoy the hospitality of Duke's Marine Lab. After a day of inconsequential beating against the weather, it was decided to just heave to (a technique that requires backing one or more of the sails to bring the boat to an "at rest" position and preventing it from making way) and await a wind shift. By Sunday morning the favorable wind had set in and they were underway again, bound at last in a desired direction (now Sandy Hook, NJ). Last night (Sunday, 5/5) Gamage rounded Cape Hatteras making 11 knots at times--yahoo!!
The winds have become favorable for Amistad as well. She weighed anchor off Port Canaveral this morning and is now approaching the Gulf Stream on a run for Charleston. ETA Wednesday. Meanwhile, back in Charleston, Virginia has completed repairs (to her port engine which caused her to turn back last week a 1/2 day out of port) and is due to cast off for NYC this noon with a newly aligned port shaft.

All are well.

Capt. JB Smith


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