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Ships' News: Friday, May 3, 2013

>> May 3, 2013

Fellow Sailors, Armchair or Otherwise:

Should you be interested in what the swarthy crew of Harvey Gamage has been doing since Monday morning (Apr. 29), open the link below and scroll down to Harvey Gamage<2013 Spring Voyage and click on "latest pos." under map commands: http://charthorizon.com/m/cz/map?vessels=Harvey_Gamage&history=2012_Fall&v_scope=recent
Gamage and crew departed Charleston for the Chesapeake but soon after were confronted by contrary winds which have been building ever since. A few days ago the objective was changed in favor of Beaufort, NC (Moorehead City) vs attempting the wilds of Cape Hatteras/Diamond Shoals. They are expected to arrive there alongside the Duke Marine Lab tomorrow. Such would make a what is normally a 1 1/2- to 2-day passage a 5-day passage--something of an OCF record!

This afternoon the wind continues NNE @ force 6-7 with an 8- to 10-foot sea running. The fores'l is about to go back up, having been on deck for repairs since yesterday. There's been a lot of water on deck and everything and body is wet. Gamage is holding up well though: no excessive pumping.
We're sure that at some point in the last few months a student voiced the hope of having a sea story to bring home. No doubt that wish has been granted. There'll be more than one on board happy to kiss the sandy shores of Beaufort when that tranquil port is made!

Meanwhile Amistad is trying to put on the brakes. The weather north of Cape Canaveral is ugly (all the way past Hatteras). If she can stay south of the Cape till tomorrow, her quality of life will be vastly improved. We are sympathizing with the sailors at sea in contrary weather such as this. They are earning their sea legs and more, and will have some sea tales to tell!

Capt. JB Smith


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