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Ships' News: Thursday, March 14, 2013

>> March 14, 2013

View from Chacachacare Lighthouse
Republic of Trinidad/Tobago
Harvey Gamage is scheduled to depart Chacachacare (Trinidad) this afternoon, northwest bound for Santo Domingo (Santo Domingo de Guzmán). They are due to arrive in port there on the 22nd of March. Students have been exploring, hiking, and taking in the beauty of their natural surroundings while in Trinidad/Tobago. The island of Chacachacare is uninhabited except for a small staff that mans the island's lighthouse. This lighthouse is notable as it sits atop the high point of land on the island, making it one of the highest lighthouses (from sea level) in the world. From the top, visitors are afforded spectacular views of Venezuela and beyond.

Meanwhile, Virginia arrived in Trinidad/Tobago on Wednesday and is currently anchored off the Trinidad/Tobago yacht club. While on island, students will spend most of the week exploring the island and visiting Chacachacare. It is the westernmost of the Boca Islands between Trinidad and Venezuela. At various times in its history, Chacachacare has served as a cotton plantation, a whaling station and a leper colony.

Amistad gets underway today, bound for St. Thomas where they have a number of short charters scheduled.


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